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Liposuction Aberdeen


Liposuction in Aberdeen

Lipo Surgeon in Aberdeen we offer the widest range of liposuction options available in the Scottish cosmetic surgery market. This is key for patients to understand as certain types of liposuction deliver better outcomes dependant on the body area being treated.

We offer the following liposuction techniques:

  • Traditional Liposuction
  • Smart Liposuction (Triplex)
  • VASER Liposuction
  • Power Assisted Liposuction (PAL)

Also at Lipo Surgeon Aberdeen we believe there should be complete transparency on your surgical care including the costs. When patients are being advised on Liposuction and the costs of treatment consultants tend to talk in the number of areas to be treated and price the treatment on this basis.

At Lipo Surgeon Aberdeen we are clear that “symmetrical body areas” e.g. front of thighs; love handles; hips, these are all one area of treatment, however many providers will try to price these as two areas. Patients need to be aware of this when considering liposuction.

At Lipo Surgeon Aberdeen we believe the outcome should be based on realistic expectations which will be set by your consultant in discussion with you during your consultation. In many cases liposuction many be undertaken as part of a combined procedure and your surgeon will discuss with you the best procedure in order to meet your desired outcome.

We would always advise patients considering Liposuction to come and meet with one of our surgeons at our Aberdeen clinic to discuss their specific needs.

The Procedure
Lipo Surgeon Aberdeen offers the most comprehensive range of liposuction techniques in Scotland, however in practice the basic surgical procedure follows the same process steps.

All procedures will normally be performed under local anaesthetic with sedation or if the patient wishes the procedure can be done under general anaesthetic. However, if only a small amount of fat is to be removed, we wouldalways recommend a local anaesthetic is used instead.

After the anaesthetic has taken effect, your surgeon may inject a fluids such as saline solution, local anaesthetic and adrenaline into the areas to be treated. This helps to reduce bleeding, bruising and swelling, and also makes it easier for the fat cells to be removed.

Several small incisions may be made in your skin to allow a cannula (a long blunt needle with holes in it) to be inserted under the skin, into the treatment area. This cannula is connected to a suction device and the cannula is moved around and through the fatty tissue to suck out the fat and fluid. Finally, the incision is then closed with stitches.

The various types of liposuction vary in the techniques used to breakdown and liquefy the fat. For example Smart Lipo uses lasers to liquefy the fat; PAL uses mechanical agitation, VASER uses ultrasound waves.

Recovery from liposuction surgery is normally very quick and patients, especially those who have been treated under local anaesthetic or sedation, will be up and about in a couple of hours. You should be back to your normal life style within two weeks.

However this will vary according to the extent of the procedure, the number of areas treated and how much fat is removed and also your profession. The surgery is minimally invasive, so it’s unlikely you’ll even need strong pain management after the operation but you will feel a little tender in the areas treated.

You should avoid heavy lifting or strenuous activity for a few weeks and wear a compression garment for up to six weeks following surgery to help the skin conform to your new body shape.

Before and After

Liposuction Before and After Images

Lipo Before and After images

Laser Liposuction Before and after images

Smart Lipo Before and after images

At Lipo Surgeon Aberdeen we believe it is key that patients do their research and talk to a reputable surgeon with an established practice in Liposuction as there are many variables and options when considering this type of procedure. Our Team will be able to assist you with any questions you may have and advise on the best solution to give you the outcome you desire.

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Prices: Liposuction starts from £2,200

Free Consultations
Smart Lipo Price
Small Area, e.g chin (LA Only) £2,200
1 Area, e.g lower abdomen (LA Only) £2,800
2 Areas (LA Only) £3,200
1 Area (LA & Sedation) £3,150
2 Areas (LA & Sedation) £4,300
3 Areas (LA & Sedation) £5,400
4 Areas (LA & Sedation) £6,550
5 Areas (LA & Sedation) £8,200
6 Areas (LA & Sedation) £9,200
Vaser Liposuction Price
1 area (GA) £2,800
2 Areas (GA) £3,650
3 Areas (GA) £4,900
4 Areas (GA) £6,300
5 Areas (GA) £7,800
Abdominoplasty with Liposuction Price
General / Sedation £5,350
TTB = Tummy Tuck Bundle Price
Mini Abdo, 3 Areas Smart Lipo £6,650
MMO = Mummy Make Over Price
Mini Abdo, 3 Areas Smart Lipo, BA w/ Round Implants £11,550
Mini Abdo, 3 Areas Smart Lipo, BA w/ Teardrop Implants £12,100
Mini Abdo, 3 Areas Smart Lipo, BA Mastopexy w/ Round Implants £12,500
Mini Abdo, 3 Areas Smart Lipo, BA Mastopexy w/ Teardrop Implants £12,950

*Based on minimum deposit of £500. APR at 14.9%

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